Wisepicks For 12 October

Wisepicks For 12 October

Asmiya S


Your own hatred 
will poison 
your soul one day.




When the desires 
of dark heart hiss,
Don’t succumb to 
it’s venomous kiss.  


Sulekha Pande


Seven snakes are
the keepers of my secrets, 
each one has a role to play,
they pump my heart,
with their venomous fluid,
night and day.


Vyvienne Chamberlain 


A venomous heart 
will poison the mind, 
so never be cruel 
and always be kind.


Dr-Payal Basera


Poisoned heart pumping venom; 
Channelled throughout 
the body and mind
If not controlled 
will turn malignant 
Get the Antidote  


Felicia Holmes 


An evil heart 
feeds off of the pain 
it causes others.


Sulekha Pande 


A sinful heart,
breaks apart, 
with it’s own venom,
seven deadly sins,
I carry within.. 


Anindya J Ganguly


Snake. Venom. Me. 
What is my identity?
Acting every day
Or Being Real?
In my Requiem of a Placid Dream.  


Glor Roulette 


With every beat, 
poison seeps.

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