Wisepicks For 12 January

Debra Pry 


The bonds that you make,
May be the chains 
you have to break.  




There is nothing more worse 
than an empath getting caught 
in the intricacies of emotional chains 
weaved by a narcissist.


Sherry Greene


By the time I saw through 
your intentions
Loving arms had turned 
to chains.
I should have left back 
in the beginning
But I was in love, 
and missed my trains.
Finally gathered courage 
and left you,
But carrying many scars 
and pains.  


Felicia Holmes


Both experience pain 
when one refuses to let go.


Tina Bell


One hanging on 
with the hope of change 
leads to two miserable people.


Rinku Shah


An embrace that 
leaves you no space.
Makes the love dissipate
and you will suffocate!


Donna McCarthy


The fear of moving on 
chains us to 
an unhealthy relationship.


Anu Anu


Some people are in love 
but not together, 
some people are together 
but not in love


Justin Maxson 


Squeezing the life out 
of a relationship


Mary Kirkpatrick 


When you’re not enough 
for each other,
Let go of chains 
that bond your lover. 


Sudipta Singh


Don’t make love
a bondage for other


Daniel Owens


Codependency is 
a toxic bondage


Maria Bethel


When a narcissist says
 they “love” you.


Asmiya S 


You use my dependency 
to steal my independency.


Sulekha Pande 


Love is not always liberating,
sometimes it entraps, 
enslaves and ensnares 
an innocent victim. 

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