Wisepicks For 12 December



Take off your vision
or else suffer
 the digital prison.


Mani Jack


Technology is supposed
to set us free from ignorance.
 Ironically, it pushes us
deeper into the
prison of addiction.


Sabiha Nikhat


As eager we
were to welcome
 technology into our lives,
harder we struggle
 to get rid from its vibe.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Resisting the dark side
of the computer craze
It’s more than just a faze
Once it has you in its grasp
Life as you knew it
will be a thing of the past


Rinku Shah


My internet addiction
Led to this abduction.
A slave to the screen,
For so long I have been!


Ashok Pande


This self consuming
world of the net,
Once it sucks you in,
Is very hard
to breakaway from.
Love it, Hate it,
But can’t ignore it.


Sherry Greene


It’s so hard
to pull away.
Darned device
takes up my day.
Instead of creating art,
Creativity’s torn apart.


Felicia Holmes


Hours are spent here,
yet no memories are made.
The time you have given,
 is how you have paid.


Roma Manglani


The dark abyss
 of the fake world,
is pulling him
 to its core.
 Swept by the waves,
drowning, desperate
 to find his shore.


Anjana Surendran


From empowering Masters
 to fallen slaves
Man set a bait
of himself among
his inventions.

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