Wisepicks For 11 November

Teressa Duncan

Within your foot 
you carry mine, 
from your steps 
I follow the line.


Sulekha Pande


In the lap of today,
shapes up tomorrow.


Marion Gulpers


In each of my footsteps, 
I carry yours.


Kris White


Lead by example 
as your child follows 
the same path.


Sharon La Fond


As I am now, 
so will you be. 
Prepare yourself 
to follow me.




The footprints change, 
but the journey goes on.


Felicia Holmes


Be mindful of your steps,
your child will 
follow your lead. 


Kat Lowenberg


As we take our first steps, 
we are surrounded 
by the strength of 
who walked before.


Debra Pry


You walk in my shadow,
I carry your love in my heart.
For you are the imprint,
That walks along beside me,
And our souls will never part.  


Shelley Hallas


Your not the first 
to walk this land and 
you won’t be the last. 
Be kind with the footprints 
you leave behind. 👣


Ashok Pande


One small step we take,
Has us making giant strides.
There may be darkness,
There may be light,
Repent not, 
It’s the choices we make.  


Debra Pry


The footprints you leave behind,
Are the Stepping Stones of time.
The bond you hold today,
IS never broken,
It always stays. 


Mary Kirkpatrick 


I am imprinted 
within your every step in life. 
Be careful as you tread, 
leaving a legacy and 
shaping our destiny.  


שרית עכו


Patterns in the making
be sure you like it 
before you duplicate it.


Deborah Monette


Wherever you go, 
your inner child goes with you.


Ashok Pande


The Old Order shall,
Give way to the New.


Alaine Sosa Alodaga


It’s not your advice they will follow 
but your footprints on how 
you deal with the world.


Richa Lal 


Your stride within my stride
makes me walk with
glory and pride.




As one footprint fades away, 
another footprint seizes the day.

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