Wisepicks For 1 October



As I sit alone at the end of the day
Shedding away the masks I wore,
I find myself staring at the mirror,
Not knowing who I am anymore.


Anubha Sharma 


A daughter, a wife, a mother
and a professional,
All the spheres of my life 
have been incredible;
So many masks I wear, 
but oh my dear mirror;
Who lies beneath these masks, 
no one else but only you care  


Anubha Sharma


Mirror mirror on the wall,
In front of you all the masks fall;
You make me meet the real me,
What no one can’t, 
only you can see.


Sulekha Pande 


The mirror tells me my truth,
I have lived a lie all my youth,
I now gathered all the courage,
I know how to deal with rage,
took off all the masks that I wore,
feeling free from every pore.


Brizza Patten


Each day he sat in front of the mirror, 
deciding which mask he needed.
 His blank expression 
was becoming more prevalent 
as the emptiness grew inside 
from denying his authentic self


Nirekshitha Kunder


The options of masks were vast, 
And what a magic it had cast, 
But glory did come at a cost, 
It was myself I had lost.


Rajeshwari S Kamale


While wearing all these masks 
all the time just to impress the world. 
Today, I have lost my own real face.


Jenn McPherson


No one knows who I really am. 
They know only what I choose 
to show them.


Debra Pry


When the mask comes off, 
you still have to live 
with the person you are.


Kathy Alshaye 


At the end of the day, 
who are you really?


Asmiya S


Tired of being always the masked one
Sitting alone,and removing one by one 
And found It merely made me no one. 


Chris Cooper 


The bearer of many faces 
will always remain faceless 
in the pursuit of his or her true identity


Robin Kirk


Lost in Translation


Trisha Lynn


No one sees 
the real me


Belinda Stott


I am nothing 
without my masks


Tina Bazilewich 


Life is a charade 
which role will I put on today ?


Sagorika Saha


Who are you 
when no one is looking ?


Shubha Vasan


You just can’t lie 
to yourself


Sherry Greene


You can look and what you see
Is the many changing faces of me.
I sit, I stare,
But I don’t care.
So don’t you know,
It’s on with the show.

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