Wisepicks For 1 March

Mary Kirkpatrick

Left hanging,
high and dry.
Why don’t you hear,
my cry?
Into the abyss,
I may fall.
Your selfish postures,
say it all.


Leta Marie DeMello


When parents are
incapable of maintaining
loving home
and mending
the bridges of disconnect,
it is the child,
who is left hanging to suffer.


Shilpika Bagh


Their “little world”
is shattered;
By the uproar
of our “chatter”


Matthew Moreland


When parents
don’t cooperate,
there’s a lot,
that hangs in the balance.


Debra Pry


Just because
the bond is broken,
Doesn’t mean
everything is hopeless.
Love will always
build the foundation.


Linda Mansolf


Two people
once in love,
produced a child,
from above.
Now departed
with anger a flare,
The child must hang,
in hurtful despair.


Yianna Demetriou


While your ego
is standing tall,
and your child
believes it’s a game,
massive destruction
will find a way.


Paramita Sen


The swinging childhood,
in between adult egos!


Chinhita Bose


When parents part,
the life of the child
falls apart.


Jaclyn Darby


The ties that bind

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