Wisepicks For 1 January

Anjana Surendran


With the umbrella of wisdom 
and the roof of knowledge 
he became the saviour 
to the otherwise lost generation.


Sheila Cotterall 


Shielded by the “original text” 
they made their way safely 
through the digital storm!


Neha Garcha


I am the storm no one can resist,
I am the addiction of today.
My knowledge will act 
as an umbrella to your storm, 
I am the wisdom of tomorrow  


Sherry Greene


It’s a frightening world 
Filled with many vices.
The scariest can be
Our personal devices!  


Manvi Jain


In a world full of statistical distractions, 
books and knowledge 
pave the way for a shining life.


Jodie Morrison


There is no better protector 
from modern influence
 than a true book of knowledge.


Asmiya S


Books are the umbrella 
for the distractions rain.


Faith Dunsmuir


Taking shelter from the storm 
that is social media


Shilpika Bagh 


Let me walk you through this ; 
under the”umbrella” 
of reading and elocution ; 
that will lure you away; 
from “outpour” of digital invasion.


Mary Kirkpatrick


It’s raining down cell phones,
With all that data overblown.
Time to take cover with a book,
A habit to never overlook.


Jessica Taylor


Take shelter in knowledge 
and imagination.


Sulekha Pande


Protecting age old wisdom,
under the onslaught 
of new technology.

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