The Wise Words Eaten By The Loudness

The Wise Words Eaten By The Loudness
Nuhrez Khan

The wise words
eaten by the loudness
of inane argument.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The voice of the strong,
Even when wrong,
Overpowers the voice of the meek,
It is always weak.
Must never be about the strength,
of the one who speaks,
The content should be what matters,
Always and everytime.

Sarrvesh Waran

Sometimes it is no use of talking.
Your words won’t matter
when the opposite is barking.
Your thoughts would fade
into the loudness of the void
and your reason and perception
will be swallowed in one bite.

So just wait for it to be over.
Then bring your thoughts
to shower and give them power.

Ravina Jain

Some speak small,
some speak big;
Some act rude, some act shrewd,
But does it even matter~
The irony is,
Do we ever make out the time
to truly listen?

Sulekha Pande

Shouting out,
harsh words,
make no sense,
are you dense?
Speaking soft,
with valid points,
is the right way,
of winning
all the way.

Rinku Shah

You can be loud,
You can shout.
It’s allowed but without a doubt,
No one’s listening as It’s deafening.
Try turn taking,
it helps in dialogue strengthening

Rpallavi Sharma

Don’t act rude
just to make your feelings elude,
You can be strong & humble,
without being trembled.

Rinku Shah

Words should empower
Not devour!

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