Wise Pick For 9 October

wise pick 12oct1howifightmybattles
Navigating the chaos
that fills my mind.

wise pick 12oct2Catherine Munro
Don’t be
a prisoner in a sea
of your own words

wise pick 12oct3Sulekha Pande
Writing the story of my life,
in the ocean of thoughts,
with the rudders of my feelings.

wise pick 12oct4Lisa Dutkiewicz
Allow the ink of a pen
to navigate
through your thoughts
to set you free from the
confinement of your mind.
The escape
through your written
words is what you will find.

wise pick 12oct5Rational Akrofi Akuffo
In the sea of thoughts,
I am held captive
and bounded to a boat.
With the aid of a fountain pen,
I freely row and pen my voyage.

wise pick 12oct6Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Allow your mind
to venture out
into a world of words
and let them pour out of you
and flow like the river,
taking you into the unknown.

wise pick 12oct7Jenn Mendania
Sail your boat
through the sea of words.
Words and letters of life
are already written in your mind.
Imagine your mind as
a pen of swords
and be a writer
of your own amazing story.

wise pick 12oct8Reena Maria
While sailing
on your sea of thoughts
always pen down
happy thoughts.

wise pick 12oct9Faith Dunsmuir
I have voyaged through life,
written my life story
and now it’s time to find
the shore.

wise pick 12oct10Shilpika Bagh
I may be confined
to my ‘lifeboat’
but my experiences
create ripples as ‘I row’.

wise pick 12oct11Linda Westcott
in all the thoughts
that flow from my head
to my hands.
Trying to paddle away
from all the emotions
that holds me prisoner.

wise pick 12oct12Rebecca Lynn Hayes Huff
Lost in a sea of words
I paddle slowly
through my emotions
in a search for the truth.

wise pick 12oct13Ankit Pandey
Floating on my thoughts,
prisoner on my lifeboat.

wise pick 12oct14Mai Quesada
the power of the pen
to facilitate your
way to freedom.

wise pick 12oct15Linda Mansolf
I will rewrite the words
in my escape
as I row into eternity.

wise pick 12oct16Ashish Verma
through the sea of information
will take you to
an incredible destination.

wise pick 12oct17Helene Leanos
Navigating our thoughts
can imprison or free us,
the power resides within.

wise pick 12oct18Logan Littau
I am a prisoner
of the words
I have penned.

wise pick 12oct19Rinku Shah
A prisoner of my thoughts,
of all sorts.
All I wanted was to stay afloat,
Slowly rowing my boat.

wise pick 12oct20anshtangri
The infinite ocean
of knowledge.

wise pick 12oct21Brooke Smith
Rowing through a
sea of thoughts.

wise pick 12oct22Rivi Verma
through my thoughts
putting them down awhile.


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