Wise Pick For 7 July

Wise Pick 7 July1

Ashish Verma

A wise man prefers
to be quiet
over the little knowledge
of a basic mind.

Wise Pick 7 July2

Ibe Omanu

Maths of life
as you grow older,
it changes from
liner expression
to quadratic expression.

Wise Pick 7 July3

Sulekha Pande

The more sorted
your math of life is,
the better you
solve your problems.

Wise Pick 7 July4

Rinku Shah

Keep aside
mathematical calculations
and live life
with simple communication.

Wise Pick 7 July5

Mai Quesada

We are totally
on a different frequency.
Hence, communication
is a futile effort between us.

Wise Pick 7 July6


Only those who inquire deep
shall unravel the intricacies
of the their discipline.
Those who swim the
deep waters are naturally more
experienced and professional.
But those who swim superficially
and never go deep,
have a lot to learn in their journey.

Wise Pick 7 July7

Beena Sam

A person
who has mastered
the complexities of life
does not require
to prove himself.

Wise Pick 7 July8

Jocelyn Luck

The basics will
always guide the complex.

Wise Pick 7 July9

Shilpika Bagh

Life would be ‘simple’
if we knew; that
there is more than
one way to ‘solve a problem.

Wise Pick 7 July10

Rudy Scala

People with limited skills,
make the most noise.

Wise Pick 7 July11

Kara Janice

A basic man cannot
understand the
complexities of another.


Wise Pick 7 July12

Mary Kirkpatrick

Mathematics is the
language with which
the universe was created
but the energy is striated
by many levels and dialects.

Wise Pick 7 July13

Praveen Kulkarni

Calculated talk always
baffles abstract thinking.

Wise Pick 7 July14

Faith Dunsmuir

Just because you’re right
it doesn’t mean
others are wrong.

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