Wise Pick For 5 April

Justin Breaker

Rock bottom can strip you
of everything you got
but sometimes, that’s what it takes
to get back on top.

Debra Pry 

Don’t depend on Blind Faith.
Create the solution.

DeAnne Bateson

At first she despaired
and then,
she used her own resources
to escape her own hell.

Jean Jackson

Sometimes it’s the walls
in our minds
we need to climb.

Anonemus Liteworker 

Stop being a victim.
Use what you have and fight.

Sherilyn Campbell 

you need to expose yourself
to get out of the hole
that holds you back.
Yes, you will feel vulnerable but
you will be moving towards a goal.

Terri Spradley 

You can allow your despair
to bury you alive,
or use your determination
to set yourself free.

Shelly Wvhs

Sometimes the only person
that can help you
is yourself.

Claire Manloloyo 

Do not let your emotion
limit your ability
to think logically.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

Sometimes it takes
baring your soul to climb out of
the depths of sorrow.

Himani Arya 

The solutions are always
behind the problems.
You just need to
take a stand & think beyond.

Renee Artiste
Survive or give up.
The choice is yours.

Felicia Holmes 

There is nothing
wrong with falling apart.
As long as you
pull yourself together
and find a way out of your dilemma.

Cary Faye 

You need to give your all,
just to survive.

Manda Lewis 

When life beats you down,
there’s always a way out.

Bon May 

Crying at the bottom
will never get you to the top;
keep it moving.

Debbie Walker-Lass 

You can stay down
and hurt a lot or climb on up
and show them what you’ve got.

Ann-Marie Sutherland

No one will conquer
your battles for you,
you hold all the power
you need to be free.

Mohit Joshi 

Obstacles are
only opportunities
to test your will.

Katarzyna Dela 

Time wasted on complaining,
can be used
for solving the issue.

Michelle Sorrell 

Life isn’t about
what you are without,
it’s about best use
of the things you do have.

Cathie Carmichael

Struggle and strength,
dig deep and rise
above your troubles.

Diana Eisenbart

the bottom
is the best way to the top.

Mandy Whitehead 

You have the power within.
It’s the will to want to use it
that improves your life.

Mindy McCormick

What goes ‘down’.
must go ‘up’.

Jemma Simpson 

Your mind is a powerful tool.
If you believe in yourself,
anything possible.

Jessica Lines

Use all you have
to get out of the hole
you dug yourself into.

Ma Leticia De Villa 

It’s not
how many times you fall.
It’s how you rise up
after the fall.

Linda Furr 

You are only stuck
in your mind.


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