Wise Pick For 4 August


Under the
deep sea of information,
knowledge is buried.

Joan Lerman

Dive through
the technology
and swim into a book
for pearls of wisdom.

Sulekha Pande

Pearls of wisdom
are found by those
who dive deep into
the ocean of knowledge.

Shilpika Bagh

A ‘pearl’ of wisdom
is found in the books;
can’t find one
through your
‘digital’ outlook.

Jackie De Klerk

Within the
deepest waters
filled with technology,
the only object
that creates
a timeless gem
is a book.

Mazin Faisal Al-Baldawi

You have to go deep
to pick pearls,
so to do
for the knowledge.

Mary Kirkpatrick

In the deep sea
of technology,
lies the hidden pearl
of etiology.


Those who seek
the pearl of knowledge
shall find so
in their voyage.

Angela Holmes

You have to dive deep
inside a book
to find the pearl.

Carol Downey Dawson

Those who dive
the deepest
into the words
get the pearl.

Nathan Robinson

Search for the
pearls of wisdom,
amongst a
sea of technology.

Sumita Dhar

Pearl of wisdom
hidden in
sea of technology,
delve deep get it,
it’s yours.


How to find a pearl?
reach for a book,
not technology.


The pearl of knowledge
comes from reading- dive in.

Sujit Das

Until- unless you
deep dive
you cant achieve
the ‘pearls of wisdom’.


In an ocean
full of kindles,
book would always
be the pearl,
I would swim deep for.


Searching for treasure
in the barren
wasteland of technology
whilst the real treasures
lie within the pages of a book.


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