Wise Pick For 31 October

wise pick 3nov

Create your
own happiness.

Shazia Husain
Imagination and creativity
has no boundaries.

Alan Scott
Changing your perspective
can bring you delight.

Carmen Flick
The mind has the capability
to bring joy
in the smallest of gestures.

Lisa Dutkiewicz
A positive attitude
creates a positive self-image.

Faith Dunsmuir
The smallest things
can make you smile.

Wayne Kelley
great use of your imagination
and put a smile on your face.

Dwyane Hunt-Little
We are in charge of our
own perception.

Surendra Mahindrakar
Image can be changed,
with what you have.
Only thing
you should be able to see it, feel it.

Noor Fatima
Happiness is not expensive.
Create it with the
little things you own.

Sherilyn Campbell
And just like that
you can transform or
reinvent yourself.
You decide.

Kris Leitner
It’s all in the perspective.

Parul Govil Chatterjee
Props in life
bring smiles for life.

Ashish Verma
A positive outlook
towards life converts
the little things into deep bliss.

Floramante Dupale
To be funny
is a matter of
personal choice and decision.

Rinku Shah
Do what makes you smile.
Even if it lasts only a while

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
The quality of your
life and happiness
is in your creativity.

Meryam Elmrini
Create your own happiness
and love your imperfections
they make you unique.

Ngosa Pande
A creative mind shift
is all we need
to fix our problems.

Karyn Draper Morash
Create your own reality.

Debra Rollaine
How we see ourselves
is more important
than how others see us.

Zainab Misty Razzaq
You can be anyone
you imagine to be.

Jenn Mendania
No one can make
your own happiness
but yourself.

Monisha Kshitij Agrawal
Life is a mirror.
It shows you
what u wish to see.

Njomeza Gjonbalaj
Se your self
with eyes of love.

Ruby-Ann Cesista Rosapa
True happiness
comes from within.

Even if your smallest act
brings you contentment,
go for it.

Mister’s Brat
Always be your
very hope of happiness.

Life Coach
Whatever makes you happy
– do more of that.

Jolynn Muriel
Life’s better
with a little imagination.

Catherine Munro
Finding humor
in our imperfections.

We are responsible
for our own happiness.

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