Wise Pick For 31 March

wise-pick for 3 april

Netasia Bouwer
Into the pages, we go,
to loose our minds
and find our soul.

Debra Pry

Life is a journey.
There will always be
twists and turns.
But keep moving forward.


Jolynn Natman

Don’t worry
about the twists
and turns,
just begin.
You have the knowledge
within you to succeed.


Jeanie Elizabeth

In the maze of life,
every dead-end
is a question
and every turn a solution.


Mercy Aranha

The maze of life,
challenging but exciting.


Rita J. Panazzola

Which way
do I take to find
the right exit?
I need to finally see
the light that
will open my soul.


Phyllis Snider Boyer

Just when you get comfortable,
your story takes a turn.


Donna McCarthy

A good book
will make your mind
become part of the journey.


Sandra Wallace

Life is a maze,
make the wrong turn,
you have to turn
around and try again.


Janet Gravenmier Furtado

Make the right turns in life
so you don’t run
into a dead end.


Jackie De Klerk

Each person’s life story
has creeks and crevices,
dead ends
and new beginnings.
Let the games begin
and enjoy every moment.


Shilpika Bagh

A literary ‘maze’ enriches;
with every path one takes.

Arlyn Fuqua

Follow the light,
it will lead you
down the right road of life.


Felicia Holmes

we find ourselves,
and sometimes
we lose ourselves
in the words.


Rashmi Arya

We make our
destiny ourselves.
Not going through
a maze to find it.
But breaking the Maze,
to create destiny.


Derek Pool

It’s only when
we reach the end
that you understand
the journey.


Ananya Parida

Unlock the maze of life
with the power
of knowledge.
Words will guide you home.


Asmiya S

Life keeps on turning
it’s pages to you.
If you don’t move
along with it,
you will end up
without experiencing
it’s guiding light.


Liz Roman

This is your journey.
Many paths
may lay ahead
but only one
will set you free.


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