Wise Pick For 30 September


Wise Pick For 30 September

wise pick 3 oct1Donna Walp
And two shall be as one

wise pick 3 oct2Yerisha Moodley
Parents will always sacrifice a piece of themselves to make you whole!

wise pick 3 oct3Pauline Ebijimi
For a happy home to be made, it demands sacrifices from both parents.

wise pick 3 oct4Sherry Greene
Little by little,
We are creating
A blended world.
And this is a good thing.
We need this to survive
Our own craziness.
Let’s really do this.
Little by little.

wise pick 3 oct5Ashish Verma
In the process of making you whole, we will sacrifice every bit of ourselves even it means losing our everything.

wise pick 3 oct6Rinku Shah
A little of you and a little of me,
That’s how we want our child to be.
The best of both of us…
Parenting needn’t always be a fuss!

wise pick 3 oct7LA Marqs
The pieces of a two puzzles create a masterpiece

wise pick 3 oct8Sayeeda Pearl
Nurturing comes with the perfect blend of values from both the set of parents.

wise pick 3 oct9Grace A. Comia
The beauty of having a child fills the empty spaces within individual souls that have bonded together through love and kept connected by their own creation.

wise pick 3 oct10Carly Maree
Parents are equal. Even through separation,
Both Mother and father are beneficial to their child’s life

wise pick 3 oct11Sulekha Pande
My parents emptied themselves,
to complete my world

wise pick 3 oct12Shilpika Bagh
Our parent’s “sacrifice”; makes us “suffice”

wise pick 3 oct13Lynne Bohlman-Casey
Our children are the best pieces of ourselves.

wise pick 3 oct14Gina Bennett-Margaret DeBey
It takes both parents to build a child’s life.

wise pick 3 oct15Anu Usha
Every child is a part and parcel of parent; made from them to become a new whole being.

wise pick 3 oct16Pelumi Samuel
Sacrifices a parent makes for the child to be comfortable

wise pick 3 oct17Taranpreet Kalra
Never take your parents for granted. They are the ones who’ll sacrifice parts of themselves just to keep you whole.

wise pick 3 oct18Susan Battell
We give pieces of ourselves to build our children

wise pick 3 oct19Eva Weiternichts
Whenever you struggle or suffer losses along the way of growth, remember that your roots will remain forever.

wise pick 3 oct20Hadia Saleem
Parents heal you no matter if they were broke

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