Wise Pick For 3 June

Blair Elder 

Time is the bandage
that helps heal the
wounds of the heart.

Thandwie Quobic Boullion 

Only time alone
may truly understand the
dept of our broken heart,
since time holds the key
to mending it.

Smriti Tiwari 

Chronological healing
of a wounded heart.

Cast Eve 

Proud of my heart
broken but healing
with time.

Debbie Lerner

Give time the chance
to heal your heart.

Sweety Singh 

Time has a
power to heal,
the broken parts
of our heart.

Debra Pry 

Brave are those,
who love
with a broken heart
and keep
an open heart for love.

Rudy Scala 

Our journey
on the path of life
has one friend that can
heal our wounds of the heart.
Time, has that power.

Monika Ballew 

Time is at best a band aid.
Broken hearts
never completely mend.

Maritza Rodriguez 

Time will heal a broken heart,
each and every time;
it’s torn apart.

Eva Andrade 

For those of us
that have lost a loved one,
they say time will heal the pain
but the pain will always be there,
we just learn how to cover it up
but deep inside our heart
will never be the same.

Louise Redmon 

Only time can heal and
nurture the wounds
of a broken heart.

Ashish Verma

Wounds get healed
eventually with time
but the memories
last for lifetime.

Frances McCabe 

You will never get over
a broken heart, time and
distance will help accept the loss.
You will go on you will be happy
but deep inside the pain
will always be there.

Anjana Surendran 

Heart shall sink.
Time shall wink.
Heart shall break.
Time shall wake.
Heart shall bend.
Time will mend.
Heart shall love.
Time shall prove.

Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman 

Allow time to heal
your wounds of the heart.

Srividya Bharatrajan 

Time slowly helps in healing
the broken and wounded heart
but the scars will always remain.

Ashish Verma 

Time will take care of
the wounds, it’s the scars
that worries a heart.

Tamas Heredy 

Time attempts to
heal a broken heart.

Benjamin Arnold Herdman

Time could turn you
into a walking ball sack.
Perspective is everything.


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