Wise Pick For 29 July

Graciella Plata Ranque

When we are in
denial of our emptiness,
we tend to use someone
for our own happiness.

Sherry Greene

Pulling someone
emotionally unwilling
into your life
won’t fill the void inside you.

Sulekha Pande

One sided love
is not the solution,
to fill the emptiness
of your heart,
don’t succumb to
easy temptation.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

You alone are the owner
of your lonely heart.
Until you learn to
love yourself first,
you will truly
never be happy.

Ashish Verma

Maybe the notion of
being in love
would slowly
fill my inner emptiness and
make me whole again.

Brandon Allan Awalt

As a society
we have lost the ability
to feel complete alone.
We have embraced this notion
that someone must complete us
and lost the ability
to know our self-worth.


We all feel
the emptiness inside
and seek for happiness outside.

Ruben Tck

Every love you need
is within,
yet you use props
to feel it.

Ambika Arora Tiwari

Forceful love
never fills up your void
rather it makes you feel
the emptiness more.

Ciara Marie Goering

It’s too scary
looking inside of myself.
I’d rather look at you.

Claudia Martinez

The emptiness in our heart
is only a reflection of what
we lack from our selves
not anyone else.

James Webb

Even false love
is better than the
dark emptiness
consuming you
from within.

Brandon Allan Awalt

We often look to others
to complete us.
Sadly in doing so
we forget that someone
shouldn’t complete us,
but rather be
an addition to us.

Nancy Shurkoff

Superficial relationships
will only temporarily fill your void.
Fall in love with yourself first,
for only then will you truly
be complete to love another.

Er Sunita Sahoo

Never search for someone
who can fill the void in your heart
because you are the only one
who can always make a fresh start.

Pooja Sharma

A void filled by
an illusion.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

If you rely on temporary fixes
to fill your void,
you will always be empty.

Amira Ayleen

No one can fill the
empty space you have
inside your heart.

Happy Honey

love doesn’t fill your voids,
It only covers them.


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