Wise Pick For 28 May

Shilpika Bagh 

Don’t mould them
for your ‘vanity’; let them grow
with faith in ‘humanity’.

Kathy Labossiere

Shaping the thoughts and
sculpting the minds of the
young with holy redemption.

Frances McCabe 

Children need the
guidance of an adult to realize
how important the word
of god will be in their life.

Darryl Tombleson 

Destroying a child’s ability
for freedom of thought,
in order to have a
purely religious focus.

Meriam BoSa 

Indoctrination kills the
creativity of a young mind.

Jackie De Klerk 

When we lead by example
it’s not necessary
to manipulate thoughts.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

A compromising
religious template,
attempts to stop a
child’s will to create.


A child’s mind is so free and
imagination is limitless. Don’t fetter it
to some limitations. There is nothing
more cruel than that. Let the curiosity
of the child lead it to the answer.
Let the child unravel things for itself.

Ken Dunn 

They will tell you what to think,
they will tell you what to believe,
they will define you, label you and
set you on a course. Break free
and be your own person.

Rituporna Dasgupta 

We must stop shaping the future
of our children in the name of religion.
Choice should be given in their hands.

Brittany DuVall 

Indoctrination of the youth
may lead to the fall of their
faith later down the road.

Robin Hoke 

Indoctrination starts
when we’re young.

Mai Quesada 

Brain washing to one’s mindset
to follow a conventional doctrine
practiced by elders.

Shilpika Bagh 

Shaping young ‘minds’;
into one of her ‘kind’.

Ashish Verma 

Instead of moulding innocent
minds into a specific religion,
teach them to respect all and
spread humanity.

Leonard D. Saladino 

What we believe in
is what we were
brought up believing in.

Lucas Quintino 

Religion education
lead to mind limitation.

Lis Matters 

From no set belief to
manipulation of the mind.
Creating a future without choice.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Cutting & moulding the
young tender minds to learn,
believe & step into religion
at the early age.


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