Wise Pick For 27 October

wise pick 30oct

Phyllis Snider Boyer
A mindless search
will lead to
inadequate knowledge.

Billie Deborah Chin
Search engines
have replaced the
human mind.

Sayeeda Pearl
When technology
takes over the
cognitive powers.

Sulekha Pande
The mind is full of questions.
For answers,
we have to dive deep within.

Grace A. Comia
Seek and you shall find.
The answers to your questions
lay hidden deep in your mind.

Rinku Shah
For all those who are googling.
Please don’t stop thinking.

Jim Joseph Sarona
Overdependence on
internet information
empties your mind’s ability
to regenerate ideas.

Wayne Kelley
Having your mind
search only with technology
will leave you
short of experience in life.

Marcia Mc
Search your mind
for answers.

Jackie Zedalis
Search first
within your own mind.
For there are the answers
you will find.

Martin Jones
The answers you seek
are already within you.

Denisse Cafengiu
Replaced brain with
search box.

Shilpika Bagh
We have stopped
using our ‘mind’;
and let the search engine
do all the ‘grind’.

Christian Dial
Today’s mind
is filled by searching
not studying.

Siony Benemerito McCor
The greatest search engine
is our inquisitive mind.

Leta Marie DeMello
Give your thumbs a rest,
and put your mind to the test.

Meti Diamond Mollineau
We hunt and search
for meaning externally
to satisfy the
hunger for knowledge within.

wise pick 30oct18Brandon Allan Awalt
With information at our fingertips,
we have lost the brainpower
to remember and search
the web for answers.

Author Sid Kapdi
Search within and
you will find the answer.

Lisa Dutkiewicz
Depend on your mind more
so when you are seeking answers.
Depend more on your intelligence
than artificial intelligence.

Ashish Verma
The vast knowledge of information
can be attained
by seeking wise minds.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Search within,
life’s purpose and meaning
rests in our minds.

Anand Singh Josh
Whatever you want to find,
seek the help of your mind.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
If you don’t know
what you are looking for,
you will never find it.

Hitendra K Sharma
Too much dependence
on search engines,
making us brainless.

Don’t let Google
become your brains.

Arnab Neel Lahon
Take some time to introspect,
no search engine result
can tell you about yourself.

Andrea fisher
rampant brain.

Possibilities of
imagination and creativity
got restricted by dependency
on external medium.

Roman N. Tamang
It’s all in our minds.
Search within.

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