Wise Pick For 26 April

Shilpika Bagh
Don’t ‘bow’ too much
in a relationship;
will ‘hurt’ self
in such companionship.

Felicia Holmes

The truest test of faith is
when you know your life is
in someone else’s hands,
and you still hold on.

Rinku Shah

You can’t wait
for Cupid to strike,
when it’s from
a person you like.
Equal effort on our part,
is needed in matters
of the heart.

Lila Nicastro

To love is to give
the other all the weapons
to destroy you and expect
they won’t use them.

Anonemus Liteworker

Sometimes we realise
that it is our own actions
that has helped the one
who is shooting us down.

Patricia Mathieu

Shot in the heart & your to blame,
you give love a bad name.

Jessica Young-Lazo

You only get one shot
to win my love.

Cheryl Maguire

I know he keeps hurting you.
You need to be strong
and let him go.
Let him go and move on.
You deserve better.

Tina Bell

I have no right to complain
about you hurting me
when I’m helping you do it.

Donna McCarthy

With Cupid’s arrow
I will pierce your heart.
It’s filled with love and passion
so we will never part.

Darimbang Faisah

If the man doesn’t know
how to remove the spear,
will certainly kill the woman
who gave him all of herself;
the love of his life.

Brenda Johnston

When you pull
against your partner
someone gets hurt.
Pulling together
you can hit the bull’s eye.

Maria LeBaron

Keep your heart
out of harm’s way
or you’ll have no one
to blame but yourself.

Sherilyn Campbell

Drop your weapons
and leave the bow
and arrow up to cupid.

Glenn Kietzmann

The blame game
has no winners.

Lizbeth Morales Padlan

You cannot hurt me
without my consent.

Marcella Bonner

Sometimes self destruction
comes from the
one closest to us.


Don’t give others
the power to hurt you.
With the freedom you give,
the more advantage they take.
Before they break you,
wake up.

Emerson Salmeron

You held the arrow
I held the bow
though I knew someday
you would eventually let go.



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