Wise Pick For 25 May

Rinku Shah

Love kept us together
even when we looked
away from each other.

Kangan Monga 

Connected by hearts,
yet going
in our separate ways.

Anshu Gupta 

However far we go
our heartstrings
will always be connected.

Ankita Ojha 

Separated souls;
entangled hearts.

Beena Baburajan 

Separated by
time and distance;
connected by
true love essence.

Anjana Surendran 

If ‘Distance’
is the eight letter word
that separates us,
then ‘Yearning’
is the eight letter word
that binds us.

Felicia Holmes 

If we choose to be apart,
both of us will live
with a broken heart.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

When we lead
with our heart,
it becomes difficult
to stay apart


Though apart,
we are connected
through our hearts.

Rinku Shah 

Connected by the heart,
distance plays no part.
Far you may go,
to love,
you can’t say no.

Marjie Yule Davitt 

Our hearts stretch
and bend together.
But never break
or fall apart.

Monica Williamson 

Though we may be apart,
we are connected
by our hearts.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

Sometimes our hearts
lead us in different directions.
Don’t stretch
the connection so far
that you can’t bounce back.

Sherri Price Bruen 

Running from love
doesn’t disconnect the heart.

Beth Beasley

You can turn your back
on true love
but the heart will always follow.


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