Wise Pick For 24 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 24 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Mary Kirkpatrick
Unfair advantages
surpass those with challenges.

Bobbi Clax
Life is still a race,
no matter
how privileged you are.

Sulekha Pande
Education is useless to the people
born with a silver spoon in their mouths,
but for the underprivileged,
it’s the best way for upgradation.

Tiffany Holley
Hard work and a college degree
means absolutely nothing
when it’s the rich, entitled and privileged
who has the real advantage
in getting ahead in life.

Shilpika Bagh
Some ‘work hard’ to finish;
some ‘hardly work’ to the finish.

Karmao Dee
The road of education is always
hard to travel for the poor.

Anjana Surendran
Life is a race on a track
where calibre is
how heavy your pockets are
not ‘what you are qualified of’.

Betsy A Lipe
Hard work and education
will get you farther
than your parents’ money.

Ashish Verma
While a rich depends on his resources,
an educated person depends
on his ability to succeed
in the race of life.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Education serves as the leverage
for the poverty-stricken family
to match the wealthy.

Nelly Uju
The strength of a rich man
lies in luxury
while the power of a poor man
lies in the knowledge
acquired through learning and experience.

Amelita Mercader
Rich or the poor are given
equal life chances.
It takes strategies and styles
to succeed.

Adrainenne Monique Wynn
Trying to get to the
finish line of success righteously
while the big wigs coast
with the influence of their money power.

Siony Benemerito McCor
Parents’ wealth doesn’t
promise a victory in finishing a degree
if you don’t work to earn it yourself.

Surendra Mahindrakar
In this monetary world,
usually its a fair game
but unfair participation.

Kufre Stephens
The tragedy of
inequality and social class.

The human race isn’t fair,
some have it easy,
and some to work hard
to reach the same goal
to win in life
while racing against time.

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