Wise Pick For 23 September

wise pick 26sep

wise pick 26sep1 Wayne Kelley
Building a relationship from the ground up with a solid foundation.

wise pick 26sep2 Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
When life has beaten your loved one down, be the one to help build them up

wise pick 26sep3 Sulekha Pande
Bit by bit,
brick by brick,
I lay the foundation,
of our love,
which will last,
till eternity

wise pick 26sep4 Maria Ferns
Slow and steady, Closer we get.
To build a bond, that our hearts start to melt.
Finally, Love has cast its spell!

wise pick 26sep5 Fatmah Sittie
The right person will help you build your self, from broken pieces to becoming a masterpiece, a better version of your past.

wise pick 26sep6 Alan Scott
When you truly love someone, it’s effortless to build their self-esteem

wise pick 26sep7 Ashish Verma
I will utilize whatever resources I have to make you whole again.

wise pick 26sep8 Rinku Shah
A relationship is about paying heed,
To the one in need.
Be there and building each other…
Staying together!

wise pick 26sep9 Monica Mishra
With trust and understanding, I will ‘build’ you each day, into a stronger person than ever before.

wise pick 26sep10 Siony Benemerito McCor
True love, is overcoming all the obstacles that come in between, rebuilding the wall of trust together, one layer at a time.

wise pick 26sep11 Leta Marie DeMello
A brick of kindness, a brick of love, each brick will help you rise above; above the pain, above the past. Unlike so many before, my love will last.

wise pick 26sep12 Rebecca Lynn Hayes Huff
With patience, kindness, and respect she was slowly able to break down the wall he had built up. That is the power of LOVE

wise pick 26sep13 Anna Tarailo
Be careful who you open up to – they can tear you down, piece by piece

wise pick 26sep14 Sakina Kudrati
In order to have a great relationship you have to build it brick by brick with love and care

wise pick 26sep15 Linda Mansolf
I will build you up with my loving hands dear one

wise pick 26sep16 Sherry Greene
It takes a bit of work to build a great relationship.

wise pick 26sep17 Mary A Worrell
All and all we’re just another brick in the wall.

wise pick 26sep18 Annette Hawkins
Build each other up piece by piece

wise pick 26sep19 Fatmah Sittie
Love can either break you or complete you

wise pick 26sep20 susan battell
When u find your soulmate it’s easy for the wall to be brought down

wise pick 26sep21 Jency
Removing brick walls and making space for love

wise pick 26sep22 Anurag Srivastava
In this world of you and I… WE grow together.

wise pick 26sep23 deepndope
Piece by piece your love completes me

wise pick 26sep24 Tina
Brick by Brick our relationship is built on Empathy … understanding and Love

wise pick 26sep25 Juleah
You pieced me back together with your unconditional love

wise pick 26sep26 Prachi Pandey
True love isn’t found it’s built.

wise pick 26sep27 Archisha Bhadauria
If you really love someone, you build that person, not break that person

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