Wise Pick For 22 April

Mary Kirkpatrick

The role of
art and self expression,
helps one sidestep
the money procession.

Shreezna Shah

Money driven people
live an unhappy life.

Mishu Kainth

Lost in pursuing
materialistic growth
stressing ones creativity.

Siham Ac

Some people are so poor,
all what they have is money.


In a world of rat races
with money being the bait,
an artist is lost
in his own world
of creativity and innovation.

Eduardo Arroyo Ballesteros

The ART of surviving
in the system .

Dr-Payal Basera

While people go out to earn money
by selling their dreams,
an ARTIST is probably the only one
truly living his dreams.
He is a free soul indeed.

Sandra Wallace

Financial value is not your worth.
Stop looking at others through
money valued eyes.

Happy Honey

I love what I do,
I do what I love.
I don’t have money.
But I am happy,

Fragile Rosagaran Macul

Happy is the person
who follows his
passion and purpose.

Theresa Zander Huntington

The price of happiness
and freedom costs $0.

Becky Lynn Wold

Money makes the world go around
but it can imprison people.
I’d rather be poor and happy,
than rich and miserable.

Shilpika Bagh

The best things in life are ‘free’;
be it ‘happiness’ or ‘creativity’.

Vidanelia Bedural Villamor

Blessed is he who lives
lovingly and happily
even without money.

Bran Darius Valdehueza

Everyone is busy
making a living
and forgets making life
worth living.


Bring out the art in you
and become the artist of your life;
coloring your way of life
amidst this fettered strife.

Jackie De Klerk

Those consumed with money,
their happiness are miles away.
Those consumed with art
are happy every single day.

Vyvienne Chamberlain

Happiness and freedom
from discontent
is priceless.

Oril Otares

Money is a great separator.
It sets us apart from
what really matters in life.

Helene Leanos

Mindless survival
separates us
from connection
and real happiness.

Jennifer Madewell

Creativity doesn’t bring in
piles of money
but it sure adds
color and happiness.

Maria LeBaron

Don’t be driven by money.
Let creativity and originality
lead the way.

Sherilyn Campbell

The burden of money
replaces creativity and color
in one’s life.

Carol M. Downey Dawson

Freedom means
you aren’t confined
to a life jacket of money.

Ashish Verma

While others walk
the monotonous rat
race for money,
an artist walks his own way
and remains sunny.

Jesenia Carnero

An artistes is never trapped
by money or a job,
he is free to create passionately.

Jessica Young-Lazo

There are people
who have money
and people who are rich.

Ntokozo Nxele

It’s Free and Freeing.



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