Wise Pick For 21 May

Phyllis Snider Boyer

I’d give every fiber
that’s in me
to make your life complete.

Ashish Verma

A father sacrifice himself
bit by bit
to make his child whole.

Ankita Gupta

The hollow pieces
of mine tells
you will be fine.

Linda Mansolf

We are made
from the same,
We are alike,
someday you will be
just like me.

Susan Fair Arakelian

You start out a solid little person,
with each of life’s experiences
you get a lesson drilled
into your soul, a little reminder
good or bad that it was
life changing in some way.

Fragile Rosagaran Macul

Remember child that you
will always be a part of me,
I will give my all,
just to make you whole.
That’s how much I love you.

Katarzyna Dela

Your parents gave
the best of themselves,
to make you the one,
you are now.

Felicia Holmes

The sacrifices
you make today,
are the building blocks
for future generations.

Beena Baburajan

You are raising
a spirit throbbing
with its own signature.

Mai Quesada

The father looked
at his son with joy
and feeling so grateful
that he was able to
raise him a whole
complete individual,
a far better and
best version of him.
The son looked up
to him with gratefulness,
as well.

K Logan Simmons

I will gladly go
empty to fill you up.

Maria Ferns

A child is raised
to be humble,
gentle and wise.
His father is the one
to pay the price.
Every hole in the
father’s body
completes the
child individuality.

Tina Bell

I gave you pieces of me
so you could be the best
you that you could be.


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