Wise Pick For 21 June

Leuqar Riuqub Ortsac Ed 

When it comes to love,
even the devil can
cut his horn.

Sulekha Pande 

The goodness and
magic of the angel,
caused the beautiful
change in the devil

Shambha Shivaa 

The angel loved
the way she knew,
the devil learnt
the world so new.
Together they saw
beyond infinity,
a world of love
and pure divinity.

Shilpika Bagh 

Love is looking together
in the ‘same direction’;
and do what it takes
for that ‘divine connection’.

Danielle Mayall 

Her love could tame
even the wildest of beasts.

Susan Lathrop 

And then
her love broke
my bonds with hate
and the devil had
no more hold.

Sherry Greene 

Love can make the
most devilish person
want to look at life
from a new perspective.

Byanjeru Sharon 

An angel can tame
the devil through love.

Shilpika Bagh 

He lost his
‘devil’ mind;
in her company
pure ‘divine’.

Maria Salud 

Love can tame
even the most
devilish person.

Roberta Casper 

Love shapes us and
gives us the courage
to be more together.

Heatherlea House Burns 

Her light and gentle soul
allowed him to lose
his horns and
break is dark soul.


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