Wise Pick For 21 July

Diane Evans
Education has the power
to take you all the way
to the top.

Sulekha Pande
Mark your name on the sky,
the correct tools
will make you fly.

CA Neha Agarwal
The ladder of education
helps a child in reaching
great heights in life.

Beena Baburajan
Education helps you climb up
on the ladder of success
and creativity,
expands your mind
to limitless possibilities.
Start young to blend
the two for the perfect launch.

Monica Mishra
As you climb each step
on the ladder of education,
you will be able to see
your destination getting closer
and the beautiful journey
will be worth remembering
when you reach the top.

Faith Dunsmuir
With every rung I climb
I am writing
my own success story.

Shweta Yadav
With the ladder of education,
you can reach
beautiful destination.

Sherry Greene
The written word
is a powerful thing;
rising you
to never-before attained heights.
A simple pencil
becomes the mighty sword,
powerfully expressing
your virtues and rights.

Olajide Badejoko Geeman
Education is the key
to attain greater heights
of success in life.

Ashish Verma
Educational tools provide
a way to reach the sky,
if your aim is high.

Rinku Shah
The wall is high.
You want to reach the sky.
Don’t worry.
Avoid the hurry.
Knowledge is the best tool.
You’ve got the ladder not a stool!

Bélanger Andrée
Be the writer of your life
through your own experiences,

not what they want you to believe.

Sonal Khatri
Learning is a tool
which helps you to climb
the ladder of success
and reach at the top.

Sam Titi Pudumo
Writing elevates one
to greater heights
once hidden
by tall walls of ignorance.

Ibe Omanu
Sky is our limit
as far as our means
are always sharp
and ready to make use of.

Armando Dasigo Baria
You can draw your own ladder
and write your destiny.
Keep on climbing.

Tillie Nagel
Education is the ladder
to climb to see
what’s on the other side of the wall,
or stay behind
with no ambition at all.

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