Wise Pick For 2 April

Asmiya S


Don’t be blind,

over the self-less

efforts of your parents,

whose intention

is only to

make you eminent.


Felicia Holmes


Losing your mind

or giving too much

of your heart

will not serve

your children.

As parents,

it’s your duty

to remain whole,

and teach them

how to do the same.

Bhakti Mane


A child is always

in a mother’s heart

and in his father’s mind.

Sandra Wallace


The daughter

holds the dads brain,

for he is her intellect,

she holds

the mother’s heart,

for the nurturing,

the price of love for the child.

Joe Edwardson


The instruments

of her creation,

held forever

in her virtuoso hands.

Dhanya Aaron


I am myself

as my father

directed me

the way I should go

and my mother

gave her whole heart,

so that

I could spread

love and kindness.

Aobakwe Al Beregane


Mom and Dad

give it all to you.

So embrace it.

Ashish Verma


A child just needs

father’s sacrifice

and mother’s love

to survive life.

Maria Salud


An intellectual

and passionate child

is often a product

of a less intellectual dad

and a heartless mom.

Medicus Ursa


While you may feel

your child will

make you whole;

really they take parts of you

and leave a hole.

Zhou Cia Cia


Parents will give

whatever they have

even if it hurts

but they will still smile

in front of their children.

Darryl Tombleson


A child carries

her parent’s emotions blindly,

with pure love.

Stacey Lovelee


Between my dad’s logic

and my mom’s

big loving heart,

I then was created;

with a little of both.

Lyric Weekend


Your child will

always be a reflection

of how you raise her,

be it with

a practical mind

or an affectionate heart

or both.

 Sherry Greene


A child take

a piece of each parent

to carry through life.

Jessica H. Robinson


Parenthood: giving away

head and heart

to future generation caretakers.

Shilpika Bagh


Be grateful

to your parents;

who ‘feel complete’

making you one.

Debra Rollaine


A child inherits

it’s most important attributes

from both parents;

so teach them well.


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