Wise Pick For 18 September

wise pick 21sep1Brooke Smith
Lead by the blind reins of who we should be

wise pick 21sep2Sherry Greene
Children, all bridled and constantly driven,
Unlikely to develop the gifts they’ve been given.

wise pick 21sep3Madhavrao Sanap
Overburdened children
with weight of books and expectations of parents
may not come up
up to their own expectations.

wise pick 21sep4Maureen Figueroa
You are the baggage that prevents my independence.
Your desire to control is my life sentence.

wise pick 21sep5Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Even with the best of intentions,
parents often have limiting views.

wise pick 21sep6Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
We can’t physically be with our children 24 hrs a day,
But with lessons we instill they’ll always carry us along their way.

wise pick 21sep7Bob Dee
Free your kid from the reins that once bound you.
With your guidance and protection,
allow him to roam free and become better than you.

wise pick 21sep8Cory Cook
A parents guidance requires
a fundamental tug
to steer them
in the right direction

wise pick 21sept9Sonali Malhotra
Carrying the burden of bag and parents expectations

wise pick 21sept10Rinku Shah
Give your child a direction but don’t show him where to look.
He doesn’t need to take the same steps you took!

wise pick 21sep11Sarah Henderson
There is no ‘manual’ for correct parenting
so be mindful of the direction you give

wise pick 21sep12Shilpika Bagh
Let them carry their own “baggage”;
free them from your “harness”.

wise pick 21sep13Sulekha Pande
Automated and coersive persuasion,
creates nothing but robots

wise pick 21sep14Ashish Verma
Young minds shouldn’t be restrained
in pursuing their dream,
for they will curse you in silent scream.

wise pick 21sep15Delwin Ibrahim
Don’t project
your dreams and shortcomings
onto your kids.
They have their own life to live

wise pick 21sep16Ayesha Zaman
Drone Parenting

wise pick 21sept17Jillkingmck
Your parents will be your guide even long after they’re gone.

wise pick 21sep18Swapnil Mane
We program our children. Do it wisely

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