Wise Pick For 14 June

Wise pick for 17 June

Tracy Norris Thomas

Gratitude creates
it’s own perception.

Ashish Verma

Just the notion
of getting a
comfortable sleep
in his dreams
makes an
innocent smiles.

Keith Orton

Some people are
happy homeless and
just want a better box.

Sayeeda Pearl

Less fortunate dreams
for smaller fortunes,
but the happiness
it brings about
is never less though.

Nanc McClure

My life may
not be perfect
but to me
it’s pretty amazing.

Maddie Wells

It would be
nice to upgrade
but I sure
am thankful for
my blessings now.

Sherry Greene

There’s joy and freedom
in wanting little.

Archana Gupta

Happy and peaceful soul
can survive in all
given circumstances.
They can create
their own world
in their dreams too.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Safe and sound,
better than on the ground.
Can’t believe this
amazing box I’ve found.

Denise Phelan

Be grateful
for what you have,
others can only
dream about it.

Debra Ann Del Sardo

Your perception
creates your happiness,
gratitude and peace.

Rinku Shah

The size of your dreams
don’t matter.
It’s what you do to
achieve them that does.

Ashish Verma

His journey from
rags to riches is
just a dream away.

Sherilyn Campbell

We all dream
of an upgrade.

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