Wise Pick For 17 June

Donna McCarthy 

We gain knowledge
from books but
wisdom from our elders.

Ame Elrod 

The wisdom of the
wise spills into the
minds of children.

Shilpika Bagh 

Through the experiences
of the ‘old’;
we learn what is told;
the ‘book’ we hold;
teach us the untold.

Jackie De Klerk 

Without the wisdom
and experience
of the elderly,
a book’s knowledge
will be limited.

Gennie Gahuman Serna 

Be a fortune and inspiration
to young generation.
Your collective knowledge
and wisdom
are worth sharing them.

Marilyn Wolfram 

The elderly have
so much wisdom
to share.

Ashish Verma 

A book is must to keep
for self growth but
surviving life requires
consumption of
practical knowledge
by our elders.

Jackie De Klerk 

With a book
I can learn so much
but with the
wisdom poured
from the elderly
I can learn
so much more.

Rahemeen Ali Khan 

The knowledge gained
from books gets completed
when it is filled with wisdom
which we gain in the form
of teachings of our elders.

Rinku Shah 

The knowledge that
elders can give,
are lessons by which
you can live.
No book will teach,
even the one
within your reach.

Mary Dyson 
A child is
BLESSED indeed
when they VALUE
that has been
by their elders,
rather than rely solely
on their books.

Deborah Lopez Mortensen 

It’s best to fill
your child’s brain
with wisdom,knowledge,
love and kindness.
Don’t ever fill it
with hatred.

Bobby Baker

My mind to your mind,
my thoughts to your thoughts,
live long and prosper.

Maritza Rodriguez 

I’m pouring
my wisdom unto you,
so you may
grasp knowledge,
for a lifetime.

Bronwyn Miller 

Let me share
all I can with you
before my journey
here ends.


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