Wise Pick For 17 August

Wise Pick 17 August

Wise Pick 17 August1

Khatija Mahomed

Wired to be free

Wise Pick 17 August2

Sulekha Pande

Stand out in a crowd,
be unique and proud.

Wise Pick 17 August3

Jackie Zedalis

Be unique.
Break the chain of monotony
and be yourself.

Wise Pick 17 August4

Ashish Verma

Setting boundaries
won’t work out
for the spirited soul.

Wise Pick 17 August5

Janet Griffon

The limitations are fenced
by the barbs
that wire you together.
Break free!

Wise Pick 17 August6

Vergel Lynden Charm

Have the courage
to walk away from Pain.

Wise Pick 17 August7

Janelle Mackenzie

Be the change
and show the way
to break the restraints.

Wise Pick 17 August8

Kerri Sheppard

Cut loose
and go your own way.

Wise Pick 17 August9

Sumita Dhar

Break the shackles of negativity,
superstition, fear, enmity
and soar high beyond all bondage
to seek your identity.

Wise Pick 17 August10

Ishu Aashish Garg

To fly high,
you have to cut the tie.

Wise Pick 17 August11

Priyanka Adhikary

Toxic Attachments –
Cut the cord and let go.

Rinku Shah

In my freedom
I discovered my real kingdom,
where I was free
to be me.

Wise Pick 17 August13

Arlene Cassisa

You can escape
from that
which entraps you.

Wise Pick 17 August14

Tammy Johnson

Barbed and Broken?
Believe you can bust free.

Wise Pick 17 August15

Preet Mishra

If peace is in being odd
then it should be followed.

Wise Pick 17 August16

Preeti Menon

Cut the strings
that hold you down.

Wise Pick 17 August17

Donna McCarthy

and you are free.

Wise Pick 17 August18

Chinhita Bose

Stand out in a crowd
and be proud.

Wise Pick 17 August19

Linda Mansolf

Break free from the pain.
Fly high to the sky.
Let your soul soar.
Be happy and more.

Wise Pick 17 August20

DrJasmine Vij

Freedom from conformity;
the revolution begins.

Brett Cameron

Break the bonds.
Be an individual.

Theo Herzog

You are your own border.
Upraise now.

Aenea Berge

Cut yourself free.
Fly away.

Catherine Lampkin

Commonality, binds.
Freedom unwinds.

Kat Houston Riddle

A leap of faith.

Shayne Jornadal

Release yourself
from wired life.

Leigh G

If u have the power to be different from the rest,
do it.

Joe Rodgers

While there is strength in numbers,
I would rather be free.

Ambika Arora Tiwari

Sometimes you need to detach
to set yourself free.

Gill Monaghan

Instead of being part of the chain,
be your own link to happiness.

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