Wise Pick For 16 June

Leonard D. Saladino 

Spend time
with loved ones,
before your ‘time’
runs out.

Divya Tuli Garg 

Time flies like
slipping of sand
confined in the
hour glass.
So spend time
with your loved ones.
And cherish
every moment
while it last.

Mai Quesada 

TIME is of the
essence in life.
It’s worth most
when we spend
in the company
of our love ones
while it lasts .

Shilpika Bagh 

I have done
‘my best’;
it’s your time to do
‘the rest’.

Gennie Gahuman Serna 

We are just a
travelers in this world
so love the most,
share the most,
inspire the most
so you will be
remembered for long,
even after your gone.

Leuqar Riuqub Ortsac Ed 

As we grow older
our time is running out,
so while we are young
just enjoy life.

Sarita Khullar 

Extract as much
love and wisdom
from your father
within the little time
he has with you.

Ravi Verma 

I have played
my role in life.
Now it’s your time
to start the journey
and shine.

Frances McCabe 

My time is almost gone,
your time has just begun
but while I’m here
let me guide you down
the right path in life
with the wisdom
I have learned.

Ashish Verma

As my life is sinking fast
in the quicksand of time,
let’s take a quick walk my child
and I will teach you
the lessons for lifetime.

Shilpika Bagh 

A new ‘beginning’;
at the end of
one ‘inning’.

Gennie Gahuman Serna 

Take life one at a time,
capture every moment and
inspire other with your
knowledge and wisdom.
Life is short share it to other.


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