Wise Pick For 15 November

wise pick 18nov

Swapnil Mane
Time is like pills.
It heals everyone and

Martha Mandaric
There is no medicine or pill
that will stop or turn back time.
Life goes on with or without you.
You choose.

Mary Kirkpatrick
Time is encapsulated
in prescribed doses.

Sayeeda Pearl
The one thing that you can
never stockpile in your life is time,
it’s always running out,
make use of your time wisely.

Amanda Thompson
Time. It’s a hard pill to swallow
when that’s the only medicine
you need to truly heal.

Ashish Verma
Time can never be contained.
So, utilize your time wisely
before everything else runs out.

Krisha Kordas
You can’t turn back the clock
or collect time.
Live for now
as time can’t be stored.

Manet Ecl
Time will flow, time will pass
and will never be recalled.
Enough reasons to use
every second wisely.

Len-Len Bayucan
Time is like a medicine
to a person’s broken heart,
because time heals all wounds.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
The best remedy for pain is
learning to take your time.

Gina Marino-Vitiello
Only you can write a
healthy prescription
for how you spend
your own time.

Sherilyn Campbell
Using your time properly
maybe the most
important prescription
you ever take.

Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
The best medicine is
to spend our time wisely.

Siony Benemerito McCor
Time is the best medicine.
It heals the pain overtime.

Tina Bell
Using time wisely
can fix or prevent
a multitude of health problems.

Phyllis Snider Boyer
Wasted time is a hard pill
to swallow.

Kim Markey
Chronic pain comes
on like clockwork,
and time becomes
measured in pills.

Helene Leanos
Time like medicine
can be the path to healing.

Chinhita Bose
Unbottling pieces of clocks
reminds you of how time mocks.

Shilpika Bagh
Don’t let the time run out;
keep health a priority beyond doubt.

Kelly Fuller
Time is a drug
that we will never have
an enough of.

Lindsay Webber
Only time can
take away the pain.

Understand the value of time.
Don’t just let it straggled.

Vidhi Shah
Give time, some time.
Time heals everything.

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