Wise Pick For 13 November

Nikki Miller
We feed our children
our own insecurities and failures.

Payal Beriwal
Don’t pass the bitterness
that you got
from your ancestors
to next generation.

Gina Marino-Vitiello
Feed your children
your own recipe
by abandoning the toxic servings
you were fed.

Mary Kirkpatrick
Maternal generations
affect the future,
by setting examples
of the ways they nurture.

Shilpika Bagh
Whatever we ‘feed’;
becomes their ‘fate’;
make sure it’s worthwhile’;
for their ‘sake’.

Nc Dash
Love is not congenital.
A child lovingly raised
becomes a loving mother.

Siony Benemerito McCor
Mother’s love and devotions
in raising a child are inherited
and pass through the generations.

Rinku Shah
Only a mother plays,
different roles to find ways.
To feed her child,
varying from strict to mild

Phyllis Snider Boyer
And so begins a lifetime of
negotiations and compromises.

Sayeeda Pearl
Don’t poison the young minds
with all those bitterness,
you have gathered
from your previous experiences.

Preeti Babbar
Feeding with dejection
shall make the child
emotionally vulnerable.

Priyadharshini L
Feeding love and protection
to your child is more important
than feeding food.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Feed your little ones
with love and they’ll grow up
knowing what love is.

Sulekha Pande
Happy mothers
raise happy children.
Don’t pass on the
generational bitterness to them.

Helene Leanos
Whatever your history,
create a new pattern
of mothering.

Pauline Ebijimi
A child is an outcome
of what you tend to feed them,
either negativity or positivity.

Kufre Stephens
The training you feed
your child with
is what the child grows
to become.

Behavior is fed through mother
to the younger generation.
Be sure to fix the traumas.

Andrea fisher
Feeding the young,
ill impurities.

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