Wise Pick For 13 May

Chinhita Bose

You chalk out
your own prison
when you
depart from reason.

Pratistha Pandey 

There are no real
all you are creating is
virtual boundary
to stop being real you.

Ashish Verma 

Chalking the line
won’t let you run
from your

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

When setting your
don’t forget to
leave room
for expansion.

Shilpika Bagh 

Sometimes the
boundaries we ‘make’;
are the ones
we need to ‘erase’.

Donna McCarthy 

We tend to box ourselves
in a corner
when we feel like
there is no escape.

Brittany DuVall 

Life’s only limitations
are the ones
we set for ourselves.
Don’t box yourself in
by isolation.

Beena Baburajan 

Do not limit yourself
inside a box.

Felicia Holmes 

Limitations are merely
a mental construct
we place on ourselves.

Joan McArthur 

Tight boundaries
leave us
feeling boxed in.

Ashish Verma 

The true meaning of life
can’t be discovered
by setting boundaries
for yourself.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Awake your
conscious mind to feel
the beauty of nature
around you, than to
limit yourself &
create a box to live in.

Happy Honey 

With every defeat,
with every insult;
don’t cage yourself in a box
Instead face the reality,
expand and explore.

Mai Quesada 

limitations result
when one puts
himself in a box.

Aarushi Saboo 

You draw
your own limits.

Praveen Kulkarni 

of his own creation


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