Wise Pick For 13 June

Linda Patillo Reiling 

If you don’t
raise your children
to be self-sufficient,
you’ll be raising
them forever.

Jennifer Grace Abbott 

Dad, can you push
a little faster
at this rate?
I’ll never get to
my job interview.

Richa Lal 

Some people never
grow up into adults.
Over protection keeps
them immature and
irresponsible dependents.

Sherry Greene 

Which is weaker?
The needy user,
or the enabler?
Strive to be neither.

Saleem Zaman 

Pampered child become
parents responsibility
for life.

LaShandra Bowen 

The young/strong man
more than capable of
standing on his own two feet,
will never do so,
if he’s always been
given a free ride.

Donna McCarthy

How to grow
a narcissist.

Sherilyn Campbell 

Parents have a
responsibility to teach
their children to grow up
and not baby them.
Adult children need to
recognize that their
parents sacrificed a lot
for the children and
deserve to have their
freedom in their senior years.

Leuqar Riuqub Ortsac Ed 

Spoiling your children
is a burden.

Felicia Holmes 

As long as you
provide for them,
they will have
no need to
provide for themselves.

Judy Dane Schmieg 

Love them enough
to say ‘no’.

Anshu Gupta 

If you don’t teach them
at proper time and
make them independent .
They will be dependent
whole of their life.

Divya Tuli Garg 

cradling makes
your child dependent.
Let them carry their
own weight
to become independent.

Mai Quesada

Please grow up and
be responsible enough
to take care of
your aging parents and
not the other way around.

Debra Pry 

Enabling a child,
only makes them
dependent on you
for life.
Let them go and
let them grow.

Shilpika Bagh 

Don’t ‘Pamper’ your kids
so much; that they
refuse to ‘grow up’.

Anjana Surendran 

Help them prioritize
their responsibilities
before they become a
forever responsibility.



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