Wise Pick For 12 April

Susan Fair Arakelian

blindly being led
by lies.

Dr-Payal Basera

Fallacy in alliance
with power
is the most dreadful
foe of justice.

Rinku Shah

Justice is blind
and when you find,
lies is its guide,
to cross over
to the other side,
not much can be said
carefully we must tread.

Sherilyn Campbell

The scales of justice
have become blind
to the liar politicians.

Zella Myers

Justice is still blind
but a liar is leading,
taking her
to a dangerous place.

Fee Deal De Ocampo

finally found her mother.
(lying is part of justice system)

Phyllis Snider Boyer

Justice and Truth
are too often led astray
by the unjust and the false.

Lee Sha Nel

Not all prisoners
are criminals.
Some of them are victims
of the people
who turned a blind eye
and a deaf ear to injustice.

Ilda Coelho

Big lies leads
the illusion of justice.

Jackie De Klerk

The liar
leads the wise
into darkness.

Mai Quesada

Lies have been
a comfortable escape
and convenient excuse
that kept the
sword of justice powerless
in unfolding the truth.

Divya Amol Mishra

Liars always try
to mislead truth
but in the end
justice prevails.

Lenore Vernamonti Daniluk

The sword defending justice,
the liar
bending the sword.

Sheila Cotterall

The liars leading
the intentionally blind,
each in pursuit
of their own version
of the ‘Truth’.

Louise Redmon

The balance of honesty
and fairness is lost
when lady justice
turns a blinded eye
to deceptive lies
and allow
corrupted smooth sayers
to take hold
of the sword of power.
There is no justice;
only injustices will be seen.


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