Wise Pick For 11 November

There is no life
in the heart contained.

Preeti Babbar
Tied with emotions
and blackened with reality.

Sulekha Pande
My heart suffers,
caged inside knots,
hurting and thinking,
what has been,
and has been nots.

Ashish Verma
It’s worthless to tie up a heart
that is completely out of love.

Mai Quesada
Though your heart
is blackened with pain.
let it breathe and pump life into it.
Don’t suppress its capability
to give and receive love again.

Rinku Shah
A wild heart can’t be tamed,
or held back and chained.
Let the feelings flow.
That’s how love will grow.

Martha Mandaric
The heart, tied up in knots.
But there is always
an opening to reach out for help.

Manet Ecl
A heart full of hatred, boast, envy
will be imprisoned forever
and will never have space for love.

Amrita Raj
Only love and healing
can dissolve the threads
that bind the heart.
And it will be free forever.

Mary Kirkpatrick
My buoyant heart,
in its securely strung fishnet,
is set adrift in the sea of love.

Vyvienne Chamberlain
I keep my heartstrings knotted
so it will never break.

Shilpika Bagh
‘Seized’ by the past hurt;
‘Knot’ ready to fall in love.

Anjana Surendran
Of knots and ties,
the caged one
still sings of freedom unknown.

Bob Dee
A pent-up heart
bound by imaginary ropes
will be the death of it.
Unbound and unleash it.

Fran Ashfield
If you find your heart
is tied in knots,
it’s time to cut them
and open your heart
to receive the love
you deserve.

Debra Pry
A heart held hostage
by the past,
will never be free
to love again.

Kyleigh Reetz
Tied hearts are caused
from the fear
of their own breaking apart.

Aasiyah Hayatie Ibrahim
Silence could only heal
the strident of heart.
Even if, it is too quiescence
inside its four chambers.
Heart wanted to scream
the clamorous state that it felt.
For it not to feel
the paranoia presented by the mind.
Persist to break the knot.

Brooke Smith
A bound heart is a broke heart
that needs to heal.

Pelumi Samuel
A heart without feelings.

Shanda Gregory
A prisoner in your own hell
when you tie your heart
down to someone
who doesn’t deserve it

Jass E.
Bound by the
beat of my heart.

Muskan Moolchandani
The more you tie, the more you die.

Kufre Stephens
A roped heart needs freedom,
set it free and
listen to its happy rhythm.

Eliza Smith
Restricted by heart ties.

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