Wise Pick For 11 June

Jennifer Lorraine 

You’ll never know
the importance and
value of a person
until she’s gone.

Rahemeen Ali Khan 

We get to realize
the value of
human touch
when we lose it
at the cost as low
as a cellphone.

Donna McCarthy 

The problem is,
we think
we have time.

Aditi Kamboj 

Besides you, she cried
When you were
lying on her side.
with the outer world,
losing the moments
with your precious world.
Now, when she is no more
you have nothing
but to regret.
The ignorance
of the past turning
to the sorrow
of the present.

Rinku Shah 

Don’t go to bed without
a hug and a kiss.
Till time leaves you
alone crying for the person
you love and miss.

Wanda Thomson 

You have to live
in the present real time
before everything
you love, becomes
a part of your past.

Shilpika Bagh 

Socially ‘connected’;
spiritually ‘disconnected’.

Rahemeen Ali Khan 

Love your loved ones
before they depart,
your mobile phone
can be with you
even after they depart.

Jackie De Klerk 

When someone is there,
take the time to care.
For when they leave,
you’ll secretly cry
during the eve.

Ashish Bhuwania 

Be happy and enjoy
your life with living things
instead of non living things.

Melissa Edmondson

Keep your focus
on the true light
of your life.

Barbara Bauer 

you will realize
what you had and lost.
It will be too late.

Joanne Margaret Peckham 

While you were too busy
checking into what
everyone else was doing
you failed to notice
what was happening
right beside you.

Ashish Verma 

She cried
inspite of his
physical presence,
now he is crying
because of her
physical absence.

Tammy Presland 

Life is short.
If you don’t make
people feel wanted,
valued and
share time with them.
You will learn to be
alone like you wanted.
Humans crave to love
and be loved.
Not ignored.

Maria Ferns 

Besides you, she cries,
You’re busy
over the phone to smile.
When the side
near you is empty,
tears keep rolling
down your eyes.

Shilpika Bagh 

Live the ‘moments’;
before they
become ‘memories’.

Frances McCabe 

You had no time for me
when I was laying right there.
Now I have no time for you.
Go ahead cry yourself
to sleep I did it many a time.

Damian Hunter Conn 

The hard reality
of not know
what you have
until it’s gone.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Distances; when together.
Together; when at distant.


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