Wise Pick For 10 October

wise pick 13 oct

Debra Rollaine
Each generation lifts
the next.

Sherry Greene
We pass
bits of ourselves
through generations.
Make sure
you pass down the
good parts of yourself.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon
As a
family tree has many branches.
Embrace them
with the limbs of loving generations.

Rinku Shah
Love only grows,
the more it flows.
Pass it down the generations,
to strengthen relations.

the cycle of love
through the generations.

Andhleib Rumaan
The most important legacy
we pass on to
future generations is
‘loving’ and ‘raising’
our children in the right
and a balanced way.

Ashish Verma
with love
will pass down to

Angela Holobaugh Marsh
Teach a love
that will last through

Shilpika Bagh
What ‘holds’ us together;
is love
‘passed’ on forever.

Richa Lal
We all share
the generations of
love and care.

Pelumi Samuel
The way
you treat your child
is passed on from
generation to generation.

Kenia R
The teachings that were
passed on to you
will be passed on
from generation to generation
unless chains are broken with you.

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