Wise Pick For 10 June

Nico Mostert 

We are
prisoners of our
own thoughts.

Sherry Greene 

Inside my head,
another me,
yearning to be free.

Jaimie Mazzone 

Your mind is a
self created prison
and you hold the key.
Open the door and
allow your mind
to be free.

Shilpika Bagh 

Self imposed ‘prison’;
blinds the life ‘vision’.

Jackie De Klerk 

A prisoner of mind
is a prisoner
of whole body.

DrAkshayaa Sharma Tripathi 

Escape the prison
of your past memories;
for you may never realize
how precious
every moment is,
in the gift of life.

Jan Steve Stiller 

All our thoughts
control our lives.

Cassandra Cain 

I refuse to allow
my thoughts to
keep me captive.

Sherilyn Campbell 

The darkest dungeon
you will ever find is
found in the
depths of your mind.

Anshu Gupta 

Your thoughts will be
the scariest cell
where you dwell.

Chris Roumillat 

A person’s mind
can be the darkest cell.

Deborah Sheard 

in your own mind.

Leila Fullwood 

Nothing holds you
back more than
a closed mind.

Linda Mansolf 

Unlock your thoughts
and free your
darkest memories.

Kamlesh Bhasin

Break the bars
before they get
stronger than steel &
captivate your mind
from any freedom.


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