Why Zodiac Signs Get Silent

Why Zodiac Signs Get Silent

Why They Get Silent:

Aries: Out of touch.
When they don’t relate to their instincts anymore, and it feels like every decision they make is self-sabotage.

Taurus: Indifference.
When they simply don’t care anymore, there’s nothing left to say, so they leave it as it is, they’d rather be numb.

Gemini: Feeling irrelevant.
When they feel like they’ve run out of words, because others won’t hear or try to understand them.

Cancer: Caution.
When they leap into a state where they just know that they can’t go any further without hurting themself as they’re so desperate to survive.

Leo: Self-protection.
When they feel attacked down to the core by someone they thought they knew.

Virgo: Isolation.
When they need time to process things and indulge in ruminating because they’re so desperate to find the answers within their mind.

Libra: Worry.
When they’re compulsively wondering what’s really the best thing they can do and what if they make the wrong choice.

Scorpio: Betrayal.
When they trusted and opened up to someone only to get stabbed in the back and it hurts knowing they actually allowed it to happen.

Sagittarius: Guilt.
When they realize they’ve done something so terrible and just don’t know how to make it better.

Capricorn: Overthinking.
When they’re too caught up in the scenarios of their own head and when their mind is caging them.

Aquarius: Feeling inferior.
When people try to make them feel less than they are and they get frustrated or upset.

Pisces: Disappointment.
When someone they trusted fails them and they realize that they tried to see the good in them even though they were undeserving.


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