Why Zodiac Signs Are Late

Why Zodiac Signs Are Late

Why Zodiac Signs Are Late

Aries – Doesn’t want to come too early.

 Taurus – Takes too much time leaving their cozy, warm bed.  

Gemini – Be thankful they come at all.  

Cancer – Gets carried away to their favorite tune.  

Leo – For detour coffee to perk up.  

Virgo – Hasn’t managed to finish all the stuff planned for this day.  

Libra – Can’t decide which socks better suit their trainers.  

Scorpio – Being late is a part of their personal image.  

Sagittarius – Forgets their time over the talk with a stranger.  

Capricorn – Doesn’t want to exceed the speed limit.  

Aquarius – Doesn’t believe in the concept of linear time.  

Pisces – Loses track of time.

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