Why You Should Let Anger Be Your Motivator

Why You Should Let Anger Be Your Motivator

I don’t know what you’re doing right now.  You could be behind a desk, in the gym, the cashier watching the line grow longer or waiting for the doctor while the TV spits out some shitty talk show.

No matter where or what you are doing.  Chances are you are like me.  Angry.

How in the hell is “The Talk” still on TV?  How is Kathie Lee Gifford still employed? Who’s eating at that shitty cupcake bakery?

We all know someone or someplace that we think is a hack.  Yet, they are still employed.  That overrated overpriced cupcake shop that has a line out the door.

This makes you wonder but more importantly, it pisses you off.  Let this be your motivation.  Don’t look at the millionaires and try to figure them out.  It is slim to none that you will be a millionaire too.  I’m sure if you asked a millionaire who they wonder about as to how another millionaire made their money they would wonder the same thing.  We all have someone we wonder how they did it.  Because we think they suck.  But you will be successful, like them, if you turn that negative anger into positive energy.

If losers are doing just fine.  There is hope for you.   A lot of hope.

You know what your problem is?  You’re angry and jealous.  You’re focusing all your energy on hating them.  Stop.  You too could be successful if you took that hatred and put it into positive energy.  More importantly, positive action.  Let that anger shake you awake and make you realize you’re wasting your time by being angry. Take that anger and hate off of them and focus on you.

Hating someone and anger really is mentally draining which turns into physically draining which makes you too tired to not want to work on our plan.  Stress takes a toll on you.  Trust me, I’ve been there and unfortunately, I go back there from time to time.  When I go back it is a reminder how it doesn’t work and gets me nowhere. It’s like my body telling me, “Hey dipshit, you really want to jeopardize your health over a douchebag?”

You know that person that you swear you do a better job than them?  You know what they did differently than you?  They had the balls and the confidence to put their ideas and good energy into action.  They pursued and did it.  They didn’t make excuses, they didn’t talk shit about someone else who was doing it, they didn’t put their energy into being jealous and angry.  They put their energy into making it happen.  They said, “If they can do it. So can I”.

You?  You sat around talking about it and planning perfection. You used your energy to be angry and hate on them.  Ok, you’re pissed off and think they suck. I’m not arguing with you, they probably do.  But they worked their asses off, marketed themselves, which is a big part of it and they used their positive energy and put it into action.  They used their brain and not their heart on their sleeve to piss and moan about what others are doing and playing the poor victim.

I used to be the same way.  I sat around for years talking about writing, baking, and sharing.  I had notebooks as to how I wanted things to be.  How I was going to do it. Yet, I did nothing.  Until I had lunch with a good friend who told me I talk too much shit and to just do it.  I mumbled “Bitch” under my breath but she was absolutely right.  I’m not saying it’s easy.  Every day requires action towards fulfilling your plan.  It’s something I have to talk myself into working hard every day.  I have to talk myself into doing a lot of things because my procrastination and negative me want to put things off or instill fear into me.

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