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Why The Zodiac Signs Block A Phone Number

Why The Zodiac Signs Block A Phone Number

Why The Zodiac Signs Block A Phone Number

ARIES: Has no self-restraint unless technology intervenes

TAURUS: Doesn’t need to block anyone, just ices people out

GEMINI: Lost interest in a crush when a new one caught their eye

CANCER: Knows that a tactical block elevates the silent treatment

LEO: Never blocks their exes in case one sends a thirst text

VIRGO: Excessive emoji and abbreviation usage made them cringe

LIBRA: Politely sat through an underwhelming first date and blocked the person on the ride home

SCORPIO: Is trying to forget someone’s entire existence

SAGITTARIUS: Octuple-texted and wants to erase the embarrassing evidence

CAPRICORN: Kept getting added to obnoxiously large group chats about nothing, in particular

AQUARIUS: Received one nauseatingly saccharine drunk text

PISCES: Meant to give out a fake number at the bar but forgot

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