Why Each Signs Dangerous

Why Each Signs Dangerous

Why Each Signs Dangerous

Aries: Blinding rage and cannot listen to reason while angezed.

Taurus: Easily angered and will not change their mind.

Gemini: Can talk their way cut of any situation.

Cancer: Incredibiy defensive and can guilt anyone.

Leo: Have a superiority complex and wall destroy anyone who hurts their ego.

Virgo: Will not let anyone come between them and what they wash to achieve.

Libra: Shallow, can eas:ly turn off emetiens.

Scorpio: Enormous capacity for anger and violence. Their actions are fueled by their endless emotions.

Sagittarius: Will do anything just for the sake of rebelling.

Capricorn: Will do whatever it takes to get to the top.

Aquarius: Impossible to read.

Pisces: Plays wolf in sheep’s clothing, is underestimated.


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