Why Do People Hide Love And Express Hatred So Openly?


Why Do People Hide Love And Express Hatred So Openly?

Why do people hide love and
express hatred so openly?

86 responses to “Why Do People Hide Love And Express Hatred So Openly?”

  1. Kent Schroyer Avatar

    It’s a hard one for sure! But I learned today to just move on in life and not show any love or feelings!! Hatred has no hurt!! Unlike love! And true love is devastating! But like I said, time to move forward and enjoy the love as a friend!.

  2. Folie Commencé Voyages Sangavi Avatar

    Becoz either they are cowards or fake people

  3. Kristina Borcic Avatar

    Mia Brusić dobro pitanje…

  4. Samantha McKnight Avatar

    Because it’s easiest.

  5. Cully Ray Avatar

    I first asked this question when I was in grade school…it’s still being asked (some 60 years later)… what’s the answer? Why do we accept someone saying, I hate ____, but are taken aback by someone saying, I love ____…

  6. Emma Cook Avatar

    To see who is really listening and paying attention?

  7. Bobbie Bassett Avatar

    Beacuse love makes you vulnerable,

  8. Blackbelly Mudpaws Avatar

    Because love shows them the wound and hate covers it all up in the illusion that “it’s just like that”

  9. Pranita Rathore Avatar

    Love is fathomless ,a whisper of magic.hatred is temporary and senseless

  10. Ovg Schie Avatar

    This world is sick..

  11. Kiran Bais Avatar

    Don’t search for heaven and hell in the future. Both are now present. Whenever we manage to love without expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven. Whenever we fight, hate, we are in hell. ~~ Rumi <3
    Because our mind does not accept opposite <3

  12. Malcolm Serra Avatar

    coss l0ve is easier lost ,hate will endure u , so don’t do to others what u don’t want for ur self

  13. Karen Justice Avatar

    There are more places in this country where people would be more comfortable watching a hate crime take place than they would be seeing same sex pda’s. Our society is so screwed. When our children are permitted to watch violent movies and play rated m video games, but sexuality is taught to be asin, something is wrong

  14. Johnathan Coffey Avatar

    when then the last drop of love has been bled, only hate will remain.

  15. Devendra Panchakoti Avatar

    its a loss of confidence, when you are full of love, there’s that hidden doubt of its reciprocation, which morphs into selfish love, a game so many people play around with these days, testing love all the time; & when it goes awry, the hate pours out in a loud burst of emotional rage, we spoilt love ourselves in the very first place, out of an unknown selfishness, without breaking free & making our true love known…as it finally gets lost in hate…

  16. Pearl Gemini Avatar

    Yes really …. i also want to know why? Even those who love fron inside end up fighting & arguing.

  17. Christina Elen Avatar

    you need guts to say i love you.weakness is the key of showing hatred.you cant control yourself this is why…

  18. Niv Glor Avatar

    A really good question.

    Perhaps those who scatter hate so easily are actually in thirst of genuine love and acceptance.

    Those who sow negativities outnumber those who choose to plant love.

  19. Scott Chastain Avatar

    Hatred is safer.

  20. Dōng Wángguàn Pariyar Avatar

    Love is criticised while hatred is appreciated

  21. Jyoti Agarwal Poddar Avatar

    coz love is a true wealth in real sense.toh koi bhi apney real khazaney ko chupa kar he rakhega na. isliye love ko hide kiya jata hai.ki kahi uskey pyar ko is zalim duniya ki nazar na lag jaye.

  22. Anand Babu Avatar

    Simple. Not to be envied.

  23. Hamzah Abusamak Avatar

    A simple answer: To defense themselves of being exploited by sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists..etc..

  24. Rob Momper Avatar

    Write two lists.
    On the first write all the things that you are AGAINST.
    On the second write all the things that you are FOR.

    The first list was easier, wasn’t it?

  25. Pinky Khayreah Ramos Macarambon Avatar

    We’d rather outpour our angst than keep it within our hearts…it will eventually become a toxins that cloggs our arteries and become a disease of the heart.

  26. Joanne O Gorman Avatar

    It depends on what your interpretation of love is. If your love is Christian love, people will not like your beliefs about how to love, like that of chastity or monogamy.

  27. Amarina Rose Avatar

    Maybe cause love opens them to vulnerability to be taken advantage of and even risk being hurt in other ways. And hate protects their vulnerability.

  28. Benjamin Disciple Avatar

    Because it’s easier to hate than to love. Love is for the strong, hatred is for the feeble minded.

  29. Gem De Guzman Avatar

    because it’s who they are

  30. Boyan Vasilev Avatar

    Because hatred and violence is broadcasted openly on tv and in movies, making it look as if it is what the strong ones express and expressing Love is made to look as if it is showing weakness.

  31. Ashley Page Avatar

    Because our brains have a negative bias

  32. Qadira Mohamed Avatar

    Its just an easy emotion

  33. Wedad Ahmaedoua Avatar

    Maybe cause they Feel insecure!!

  34. Surjer Meye Avatar

    They think it might express their weakness….

  35. Dez Velliena Avatar

    Coz love adjacents patethic and weakness!

  36. Tasnim Swarna Avatar

    Because love makes people weak while hatred makes them powerful.

  37. Terri Harman Avatar

    Fear of rejection!

  38. Lucie Brunet Avatar

    I Nevers understood this one either

  39. Noelle Wille Avatar

    Easy. Love leaves you vulnerable. Hate builds you a fence.

  40. Mahmudur Rahman Avatar

    That’s question in your heart…

  41. Anuj Sharma Avatar

    because people are afraid of expressing it because they fear that they won’t get the same amount of love in return.on the other hand hatred is hatred no small or big.

  42. Anchal Somani Avatar

    This is so true!

  43. Nitten Rajput Avatar

    Because people are retarded

  44. Kaitlyn Bell Avatar

    Everything is a reflection of your own inner world. So if all you do is hate on others, that’s how you feel about yourself. I think its a defense mechanism put up to protect someone’s already wounded heart. A chain even, to pass the pain onto someone else. They say that its the angry ones that need love the most….

    1. Ayush Jalan Avatar

      I think hatred is much openly expressed because when you love someone, you expect love in return. But when you hate, you expect nothing from none cuz you know all you’ll get in return is hate itself.

  45. Michelle Hoving Avatar

    it’s a sign of how far they are from their personal truth.

  46. Moira Niña Tare Avatar

    Because sometimes, we think if we show love we might end up hurting ourselves.

  47. Pepper R. Langley Avatar

    …’everything’ is taught…about love…hatred…etc…nobody is born like this…many ought to delete/unlearn what they have been taught about certain ‘things’ & reprogram themselves…there is an old saying… ”’what a mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin”’…

  48. Rosilda S. Canady Avatar

    Fear of being ignored

  49. Hector Ramirez Avatar

    maybe the person has been hurt one to many times and is afraid of it happening again.

  50. Elsie Westdale Avatar

    Vulnerability…they fear being hurt.

  51. Sherry Joseph Avatar

    Probably dey r afraid to love an hate is jus easier for dem and also the safer way out for dem

  52. Gray De Asul Avatar

    Because 。。。。。。。。。。。。。

  53. Gloria Otto Avatar

    It takes courage to love…its a risk, ppl have a fear of getting hurt. Its easier to show hate. In my opinion.

  54. David Eye Avatar

    because they arent woke af

  55. Amanda Ann Jelian Avatar

    Hiding love or hatred is like watering a tree,the more you water it the more it will grow

  56. Alice Casim Avatar

    Cause sometimes the people we love the most is the object of hate!!

  57. Gorge Wil Avatar

    because they wont wanna show to people that they are weak. the feeling of love is a strength but becomes our weakness when we speak it out :'(

  58. Sonny Valentino Avatar

    It’s the way how it has always been and will always be. No relief… ignorance forever!

  59. Diana Drummond Avatar

    I don’t know but it is true. That is me to a t. Except with my pets. I am open about my love for them. <3

  60. Kevin Martin Avatar

    there is more money to be made from hatred.

    1. Kevin Martin Avatar

      imagine if there was only one god, there would be no money to be made from war.

    2. Kevin Martin Avatar

      I am standing by now awaiting to hear from all of the different religions …

    3. Kevin Martin Avatar

      How there is only one god , THEIRS!

  61. Amanda Trammell Avatar

    It’s just a big sad mess honestly. Everyone needs love, even wants it, whether they know it or not. There’s fear of rejection holding people back. There’s perversion and selfishness shoved down our throats. I can’t even scroll threw Netflix to find something to watch without seeing tits, ass and prostitutes on the cover of titles. People are scared to open up and be honest because we’re taught that’s weakness. Boys are taught to not value girls, just get as many as you can and are shown pornography as a way to “teach” them about sex. Girls are devastated when they realize they’ll never be anywhere near any type of standard boys are taught to want. We’re taught to look out for #1 instead of looking out for each other and sharing a peaceful world. We’re taught to compete and fight for what we want instead of being taught that we live in a world of abundance and there’s plenty for us all. I mean kids can’t even look at another kid on a bus without being called a stalker, trust me I know, drove a school bus for 9 years. There’s just no hope or motivation for people to express their love and then we’re just left with millions of people just fighting to survive in this hateful world that was made hateful by the people. If everyone was nice it literally could change the world but people are dead set on wars, guns and hate, I can only hope love will one day conquer all. I’d be a liar if I said I actually believed that though, sadly.

  62. Amanda Jowsey Avatar

    To express love, for some, means to express vulnerability. Some are not comfortable sharing their own vulnerabilities and therefore mistake expressions of hatred or anything that masks their heart’s vulnerabilitues as strength.

  63. Elisabete Bete Sbardelotto Avatar

    Love is expected to be reciprocated; hatred is one-sided.

  64. Samuel Jones Avatar

    Some will say, expressing love is a weaker, more vulnerable gesture! Hatred, is a way to single out physical and/or ethnic differences that appeal to biased subculture!

  65. Adrian Howley Avatar

    Getting people to hate each other keeps them so occupied with upset and anger that they don’t notice or pay attention to how they’re being lied to and manipulated. The New World Order at work.

  66. Janine Stranger Avatar

    because they are shit scared – and just try pointing that out… LOL

  67. Risk Factor Avatar

    Love. Is misinterpreted as weakness. Hatred runs amuck.

  68. Ali Sleman Avatar

    Because they’re afraid of losing the person they love,not the person they hate.

  69. Jason Vendetti Avatar

    Hatred is a way to control masses.

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