Why Are The Zodiac Signs Sad

Why Are the Zodiac Signs Sad

Why Are They Sad?

They’re extremely independent and pile way too much pressure on themselves. They end up doubting their own abilities and are often never comforted.

Everyone depends on them because of their trustworthy demeanour. They bear the burden of their own and other peoples issues.

They’re determined to keep up their bubbly facade. They try drown in their own issues and thoughts. Nobody knows about the internal identity crisis that is destroying them from the inside out.

They tear themselves apart trying to decide what they want in life. They dwell on the past and constantly can’t decide between their resentments
and their fears.

They’re always worried about what the world thinks of them. They hide it well but they are very sensitive to the slightest comments and their ego is insatiable.

Their thirst for knowledge and order have them constantly over-analysing every situation. Their brain is always striving for a purpose
so without being assured they can be left feeling useless and dejected.

They consistently seek peace and acceptance. They try to make others happy and in the end are left asking who they really are.

They’re always misunderstood. This aspect combined with their hesitance to trust leaves them with few people they can confide in. When something goes wrong within their plan, they are intensely anxious.

They barely ever gets sad. They’re so energetic and enthusiastic that they feel held back by emotional obligations and attachments.

They constantly tire themselves out while they try to prove themselves. Underneath their strong, collected exterior is an uninterrupted feeling that they are unworthy.

They are seemingly above emotions and are driven by their intellect and they begin over-thinking something and unnecessarily make themselves sad.

Their sensitivity has them suffering and leaving themselves no choice but to escape their own problems. They’re constantly stimulated by their situation can dangerously spiral into a routine of self-pity & negligence.


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