Why am I confined to my own imaginative world?

Why am I confined to my own imaginative world?

How is this world connected to me? It’s been 20 years on this planet and I still don’t understand my tie-in with this world. Everyone has their own viewpoint towards this world. Every individual has their own way of looking at this world. But for me it’s different; completely different, sometimes it feels like I’m in a wrong world; this world is wrong and doesn’t belong to me, I shouldn’t be here. Sometimes it feels like a prison; like I’m a caged bird of this prisoned world. Sometimes it feels someone would’ve come and set me free from this prisoned world. Then I thought and thought and though and then decided why not me; why would I have to wait for someone else to set me free, why can’t I set myself free. So, for now, I am confined to my own imaginative world, the world created by me, the world where only my imagination lives no one else. By living in my self-created world, I’ve learned that imagination can lead you anywhere and wherever you want to go, I’ve learned that imagination is irreplaceable and more valuable than reality. I personally believe that imaginative world helps you to vanquish anything in this world. By imagining you allow your mind to roam freely which can aid creativity and innovation. And then I realized that for me it had become vital to create an inner world not to escape from reality but to get some inner peace.

It is very well said by someone that “Thoughts Become Things”, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously we always think about something. Without thoughts, without feelings, we would not be able to discern the thought form in our imaginative or real world as well.

 I don’t know how many of you have come across with the term “Nefelibata”. It means ‘the one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination; an unconventional person’. It is actually a Portuguese word derived from ‘nephele’ means cloud and batha means a place where you can walk.

Tell me, can you hear the sound of the wind through trees in this real world? Nope, you can only do it in your imaginary world, the world you’ve created inside you. Close your eyes and think, think about anything; create some imaginations be it related to you, your love life, your workplace, etc, go through it deeply; look for the very small, precise details, live it truly in a place where your own strength is drawn, where you are your most authentic self, a place no one can find you, a place into which you can disappear whenever you want and then tell me how that creative and innovative world don’t turn your mundane life into a great magical experience, tell me how the things don’t appear more beautiful than they actually are. Just close your eyes and walk through the cloud made by you, the cloud made up of your own imaginations, the cloud where only you can walk and you’ll feel tranquil when you become nelipot while walking. Undress the reality by using your imaginative power and dress your inner imaginative world in the most impressive manner and then you’ll become the sapiosexual in your own eyes and then you’ll become an artistic storyteller to yourself.  Just imagine how thrilling, how amazing our world would become just by imagining things, just by creating the cloud of your own imaginative thoughts.

Walk leisurely alone in your own world you’ll get the peace of mind you’ve never ever imagined, the peace of mind that will only come from pleasant thoughts.

“One day you’ll be at the place you always wanted to be;

  One day you’ll get the level of serenity you always wanted to get;

  One day you’ll live the life you always wanted to live;

  One day you’ll have the things you always dreamt of;

  One day you’ll be in the world you always wanted to be”.

  Just don’t stop believing yourself.

 Now let’s see what imagination can do. Imagination leads you to the new ideas, new ideas lead you to the creativity; creativity leads you to the innovation, innovation leads you to the invention; through the resourcefulness of your invention you create a different vision to live your life happily whether it is an imaginative or the real one, doesn’t matter. J

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